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A Soccer Scholarship is a financial award for student-athletes attending college/university in USA.

Soccer Scholarships are available at NCAA Division I & Division II, NAIA and Junior College institutions. The purpose of a scholarship is to finance the cost of education and living costs whilst attending college/university and playing on the soccer team.

Soccer Scholarships are awarded by US College Coaches to student-athletes who show they can compete at the collegiate level. College Coaches will look at different aspects of a player depending on their needs, targeting players who will make a difference to their team and are strong and successful minded.

As soccer is a team sport, Coaches want to work with players who are team orientated and dedicated to the cause. Along with these attributes, Coaches will review your athletic skill and game knowledge as a soccer player, in depth, to ensure he recruits the players who will come to the team and make an impact.

Most scholarships are one-year agreements and must be renewed each year. Soccer Scholarships can cover part/full of a student-athletes education in USA, varying from 1% – 100% of the institutions total cost. In doing so, the student-athlete will represent the university soccer team as well as maintaining the mandatory academic requirements. Alongside Soccer Scholarships, Athletic Scholarships and International Scholarships can also be offered, if requirements are met.

US College Coaches can combine different scholarships to award more scholarship money towards the costs of attending college/university in USA.

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Next Generation USA offer a premium service which not only takes care of the student-athlete, but also the family.

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